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3 New Layers

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Just to give some hope to those who feel as if their chickens are never coming into lay, especially at this time of year - last week Eddi, my Buff Sussex started laying, a couple of days ago her 'twin' Annie and today (after much running around the garden and squawking :roll: ), KT the Wheaten Maran (all from the same hatch, 30 weeks old) :clap: .

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One of my baby bantams started laying this week too - a big surprise as they are still quite young (I am guessing 20 weeks). I had noticed she was becoming much more friendly and then there it was - 25g and very cute! The presence of a cockerel may have helped things along (but he still has to go :cry: ).


I now have 6 hens laying but its still a thrill every time you get a new layer.

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