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human flesh

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one of my hens has got an obssesion with biting my finger when i :


. put new food/water in



. hang up the lettuce




. pick her up



i have never got anything on my hands that she might eat or anything in which would attract her has anyone got any suggestins on what i could do. :|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|:|

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She just associates your hands with food - complete cupboard lover of a chicken I reckon!


Mine used to peck my hands at every opportunity....I tried holding my hands out flat and just letting them peck and they soon worked out that fingers aren't food :D Now they will peck a closed fist (as they think there is food inside) but not an open hand!

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I have mastered opening the run door without sticking my fingers near the bars (using the pin!) because my three are evil terrors when you first go to feed them. Worst thing now is if you carry a plastic bag near them they associate it with the wild bird food (I see the beady eyes watching me fill up the feeders) they mob you! All three will leap up and hang off the bag...embarrassing when you have people come over and they get gang-mugged at the gate!

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