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Tessa the Duchess


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ubereglu wrote:


Billy Connolly was brilliant! I liked the interview with David Attenburgh as well!


Agreed. I thought Beckham just waffled and was quite boring. Also a

bit disappointed at Peter Kay's performance which was obviously pre-rehe"Ooops, word censored!"d, I would have liked to have seen him give an interview in a more natural way. Oh well, it was still enjoyable.



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i must say david attenborough looked great for 81 years old. what a life he has had and what a wonderful man he is.

he is facinating and the only famous person i would really love to meet, (although if i ever had the pleasure i would probably make a complete fool out of myself and not be able to speak)

i used to play the life series to the kids at school all the time, they loved it.

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