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Nice Shoes Hen

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I have to go into Edinburgh twice a week at the moment to the hospital which is a right pain in the wotsit :evil:


Something happened this morning to put a smile on my face 8)


I have to get up at 5 and leave the house at 6.15 to be at the meadows for a 5 min appointment at 8 :roll: I leave my car at a local shopping centre :oops: and get the bus the rest of the way as the traffic is a nightmare first thing :evil:


This morning I am standing waiting for my bus back to the shopping centre when I notice this couple coming down the street if I am honest I think they were a little worse for wear :? I know 8.30 and tiddly but what the hey :lol: They were looking at the pavement and as they passed the woman patted my shoulder and said :o


Nice Shoes Hen :lol::lol::lol:


I was wearing my pink crocs 8)


It cheered me up no end :lol:

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Aaaaah......I used to run 'Doctors Bar' on the other side of the Meadows, and yup, the 'local cabaret acts' were more than partial to certain monk brewed beverages!


I know it well! (Well, been in once donkey's ago :oops: ) Used to walk past it every morning on the way to work from my flat in Marchmont to Blair Street.


"I'll be home late from work tonight, hen, I'm going to the Doctors." :lol::lol:

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I lost count of the amount of phone calls we used to get from students, who had the phone number for the pub under 'doctors' in their mobiles, notebooks etc, asking for an appointment to see the doctor! :roll::lol:

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