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How much do you pay for Diatom - is it worth it?

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Just popped into the local Poultry Centre to buy some Diatom to add to my hens' new cat litter tray dust bath and was surprised to see that it cost £35 for a bucket sized container.


Is that reasonable? Is it an essential or a luxury product, would you say?


I told dh the price and his comment was that it cost more than the hens so I guess that means he doesn't want me to buy it!!


Thanks for any thoughts on this



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Tricky one. I use it on the roosting bars but only because everyone on the forum has recommended it. Don't actually know if it works but I've certainly not had any beasties (yet). I suppose you could just use it as a cure when/if you get an infestation rather than using it preventatively.


This is where I got mine from



I bought the shaker size which I suppose is quite pricy but it's going to last me ages.

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I have a difffernt make one that I got in one of the squeezy bottles for about £2, lasts ages as it just gets a squeeze over the roosting bars when cleaning out the house, and another couple of squeezes into the dust bath.

cant really comment on how good it is, as I havent had my chooks that long.

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I use the red mite powder which is in a sort of Pringles tube with a talc like shaker opening. It's £8.95, but I've never had any lice or mites!

The diatom in a bucket from the same place is £25 something. But I like the smell of the red mite powder, makes the chooks smell all tea tree oily - like they have just had an aromatherapy spa bath!!!! :lol:



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