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Can you recommend a mite solution to dip birds

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There used to be a UK product called Elector, so Google that. I think it could be used on the birds themselves? Very effective for one use but by the following year the mites will have evolved immunity (known problem) and it won't be effective at all. We have some which we used on our neighbours coop but, as said, it wasn't effective when he had a re-infestation and it was necessary to use a different product which he bought here, so no idea what it was? To add that wasn't entirely effective either and the end result was he stopped keeping chickens. We took the last two when we left.

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On 8/26/2022 at 9:47 PM, mullethunter said:

Spot on ivermectin (harka-mectin) should do the job although it isn’t licensed for use in poultry.

You don’t want harka-MeCtin. You need the stronger one for small furry animals (not licensed for use on poultry).  The former is intended for pigeons 

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