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Wowie Our New Cube And Chickens Arrived Today!!!

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OMG...Our Cube and 4 chickens (pepperpots) came today..and they are so wonderful, It was a prezzie for my husband and he is totally besotted and he named them.. Brenda...Shaniqua (HA HA).. Shirley and Margaret...

They were out all day in their run and as soon as it got dark they marched one by one into their beds for the night, such good girls...One of our little dogs spent most of the day shouting at them, but they didnt care they juct pecked away at the sweetcorn we threw out for them, the family watched them all day..so fab..and my husband said it was such a great Christmas prezzie, and you could see he was delighted..Cant wait till tommorrow to see them again! :D:dance:



(cube green)

PP Brenda

PP Shirley

PP Margaret

PP Shaniqua


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See what you mean about Deja Vu Egluntine! :lol:

Cheryl you sound so excited! :lol: Congratulations on getting your chooks, hope you get many hours of pleasure from them! 8)


(PS if you click on the profile button above, then scroll down to signaure, you can put the chicken pictures and names in there so they appear every time you post and you don't have to keep retyping them! :wink: )

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