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The Girls have arrived !!

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Hey Guys The girls arrived yesterday we have got Rugby a Maron, Ebony a Maron also, Snow Drop a White Sussex, and Ivory a Silver lace Wyendotte. We got them from the Hen House in near Eye in Suffolk - wow how many chickens does he have there :D Snow drop seems to be the underdog at the moment but I think that may change. We were told both the Marons are laying so we await with anticipation for our first egg will post some pics once we find out how to any advice on this greatly recieved. :roll: The guy at the Hen House said to Bouncy Bev "you're excited arnt you" What an understatement!!!!!!!!!!!

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Snap my girls come from The Hen House too! He is a really helpfull guy so if you do encounter any problems with your girls dont hesitate to give him a call. The place is huge and he has such a selection doesnt he, I desperatly want to go back for more!


Looking forward to seeing pics.

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