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Bantam Hens Crowing

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Hi all

A week ago, we've replaced our previous full sized hens with 3 little bantam hens and 1 silkie. There's been a bit of the usual jostling and pecking, but everything seems to have settled down into an order now. However, the one problem i have is that the dominant bantam crows every morning. As i live in a built up area, this isn't something that the neighbours will tolerate for too long! Funny thing is, she's been crowing every morning as she's the boss, but then this morning i went out and the other 2 bantams were also crowing! So it was a right racket!

Anyone know how i can stop them crowing? I've read about crow collars, but not sure if they're safe? And i've thought if i leave them shut in the house until 8am it would be dark and they won't crow? Or is the crowing just a temporary thing and she'll soon get 'bored'?

Don't want to have to give them away as they're fantastic except for the crowing :/

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Yeah, they're definitely all female. They came together from a farm where they had a cockerel in with them, so i guess they're just working out the new pecking order. There's definitely one who's the main crower, (about 50 times every morning!). (The others only did it a couple of times). They're still only 4 months old, so fingers crossed they stop when they come into lay. 

I actually tried and left them in the house of the Eglu this morning until 8am and then when i let them out, there's been no crowing. Not ideal, but if it does the trick, i might just need to follow this for a while. But not sure if keeping them trapped for a couple of hours after sunrise is good for them though? Or does it not matter?

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On 9/11/2022 at 11:12 PM, Luvachicken said:

Be careful that you don't accidentally teach them that if they make a noise they get treats - I did that by mistake, quite frustrating.

You’re absolutely right! Forgot to mention that I hang up the pecky toy before I go to bed. So they have something to do when they wake up.

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