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I have just about had my fill of my car, the once beloved 440 has had a fortune spent on her in the last two years and this year has been a bad year for her.


My mechanic replaced a brake caliper in July after the one I had was leaking fluid, 3 months in and the brakes failed, the new part had popped and failed, so in went a replacement under Volvo warranty (thankfully!)


The new caliper failed two weeks ago and was replaced again, along this year with a new battery, which had to be replaced as it failed :( (Volvo parts again too!!), the immobiliser/central locking blips failed so an unlock of the unit and new fob were bought, then the unit failed so a second hand one went in two weeks ago!!


It wouldn't start after not being used for 4 days so I put it on charge overnight and today it turns over but will not start :evil:


So that's it, I've had enough and I'm test driving a Mini Cooper tomorrow afternoon - Joe had best get his cheque book out :oops:

Perhaps she'd heard me when I said that I would get rid of her if anything else went wrong - it's been a plan to have a Mini for ages anyway :lol:




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Sorry to hear about your car problems Andrew!


When you test drive the Mini Cooper, make sure it isn't the Mini 'Park Lane'!!


thats the one I test drove and it costs about £25,000! :shock::shock:


I love my Mini Cooper! Best car I have ever bought (and the only new car I have ever owned)!


Good luck with the test drive!

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Here are photos of the two minis i have had.




From January 1992- January 1995

I'm in the passenger seat in this photo









Jeremy (after the tennis player Jeremy Bates!) He was a "special" mini called an "Advantage". He had tennis net decals on the side, & tennis ball motifs on the seats!. January 1995-January 1997




I used to go everywhere in thoses cars, & at all times of day/night, too!

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They'll both be s"Ooops, word censored!" now :cry:


Not necessarily


There's a handy website from the DVLA people that while not cast iron guarantee that it's still on the road you'll know if it has tax or not or been exported


Vehicle Enquiry Here


Click on vehicle enquiry on the left and bobs your uncle!!


I haven't bought my new mini :( We got Myrtle running again over the weekend and found another problem as she had no water in the header tank, there's a small leak in the rad but she's staying for now - but I have convinced Joe to let me keep looking for a Mini, and considering the Cooper S as well as there's not much in the price (just the running costs :oops:) :D




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Yep my Canadia friends bought an old Mini when they lived here and lovingly improved it. (I hate the piddly things - sorry)


When they were going back to Canada he bought another one, a s"Ooops, word censored!"per, and took off the VIN numbers. He then drove the good one to Southampton, parked up in a quiet road by the docks and changed the VIN numbers & plates for the s"Ooops, word censored!"per before loading it into a container to ship to Canada. Apparantly Canadian law meant that the good one was too new to be imported without airbags being fitted which he said isn't possible on those minis - so he had to disguise it.


They are still driving around Toronto in that mini - only in summer though as the winters would kill it.

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Getting a new mini might happen a bit sooner. Our next door neighbour called by earlier to tell us that her husband has crashed their picasso and they may be looking for a car and knew I wanted to change mine.


Thankfully NDN is ok, but they've kept him in and he's having a pacemaker fitted tomorrow - they've found a heart problem after him being taken in twice by 999 :roll:


Spoken to Joe and he seems quite keen as he'll still see Myrtle each day.

It also takes away the worry of what to do with Myrtle when I got a new car anyway.






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