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Cooking eggs

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I know I'm probably teaching my grandmother to suck (poach?) eggs and there've been posts on this before, but I poached two of our eggs for the first time today and they were so delicious I wanted to tell someone :lol: . (And who else but you :roll: .)


I also liked the website I found a cooking method on (not being a connoisseur - had to check spelling of that :oops: - of poachies, more a fried/scrambled/boiled girl).


http://www.b3ta.com/features/howtopoachanegg/ (He's right - the clingfilm works :dance: .)


Also liked this site, especially his comments about chickens in the first paragraph, and not using fresh-laid eggs - oh no, I'll have to use an old egg (shall we say the day before yesterday's? :lol: )


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Well....I'm amazed. :shock: It Really works!! Best Poached Egg ever!!


1. Egg dropped into ramekin lined with clingfilm (I haven't got any shallow cups!)



2. Ends of clingfilm gathered and twisted.



3. Egg in clingfilm dropped into pan of boiling water.



4. Egg removed from pan after 3 minutes. Notice how the water is clear and not full of stringy bits!



5.Cooked Egg on plate. looks better than any egg I have ever poached before!



6. Yummy.



7.Yummy yummy.


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Every moment is a Finepix moment! Blame Cinnamon...she recommended the camera.


I photograph everything!! (except the inside of my house!) :lol:


It really did work. So simple and I wouldn't have been ashamed to serve that egg to anyone.....and no gungy washing up to deal with.


Thanks ANH.


The things you learn on this forum!

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Dear me, I go away for a couple of hours and you've all been having a cookery demonstration! :roll:


I might try that cling film method - with 5 of us, we go through 10 eggs when we have poachies. This way I could cook them all at the same time :idea:


ANH - have to laugh, will we really get away with calling Egluntine 'Eggers' ? Must admit, it has a catchy ring to it :think::wink:


And Egluntine - your house can't be that bad! That WAS a clean plate before you put the egg on it. Saw far worse on Kim and Aggie :vom::wink:

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- with 5 of us, we go through 10 eggs when we have poachies. This way I could cook them all at the same time :idea:


Now, what would happen if you broke 10 eggs into one huge bit of cling film :think: . Would they all merge together into one huge white with 10 yolks hidden inside? How would you eat that :shock: .


Eggers, we need a new slideshow :lol: .

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I made one- I boiled it for 3 mins & the white was slightly undercooked on the top & I must use cheap cling film as the white stuck to it :oops:


but....., it was certainly the best poached egg so far


I used to have a proper egg poacher with little cups that went over a pan of water.

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Hmm, never thought of that.


Looked on web for advice. This comes from the Agri-Food & Vet Authority of Singapore so don't know how relevant to the UK it would be but there's a bit about :"Migration of Chemicals"


Here's another site


and another


So it seems that you have to make your own mind up. As usual in these matters :? .

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