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First Attempts At Cardmaking

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Egluntine - start with a craft magazine - choose one with free card making stuff attached to the front. Lakeland sell one of the craft magazines in their craft sections, and there are loads in WHS.


Oooh ta......I will.


I'm due a trip to Lakeland sometime soon. Will keep my eyes peeled. :lol:

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Lovely cards Ali


I bought a card making mag a couple of months ago but haven't got round to using it, there are always other things to do :oops:


Maybe in 2008 I can make some time for myself and get round to doing some of the things I would like to do :roll:

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Well....I finally got round to having a go.


I made this for my SIL whose birthday is imminent.


I put the little present thingy on a bit of 3d tape so it looks much better in the flesh.




It looks a bit stark in the photo, but actually it is quite nice. For a first attempt I'm moderately pleased. :lol:


I prefer the minimalist approach!


There is a woman in the area who ocassionally runs card making courses....I might give her a ring.

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