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Where i live...

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Seeing as we have had houses and rooms (and mine are to embarrassing to post...) i thought it might be quite nice to show pictures of where I live instead. Its a nice village in Mid Sussex - i'd love to see some photos of the towns/villages where other people spend their days when not on the forum to!


Village hall




Top end of highstreet (unfortunately that is not my house...)




Village Pond (DH and I were marooned in a dinghy on here on our hen and stag do's!)




High street...



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That looks lovely

Were you in the same dinghy. Sorry that made me chuckle when I read it


Yes - we were in different pubs on the village high street to finish our respective stag and hen do's and its tradition amongst his friends that the stag gets thrown in the pond but it was February and we were a bit paranoid the cold water might set off his epilepsy so his 'mates' very kindly produced a rubber dinghy instead and i stupidly went down to the pond with my friends to laugh at him and ended up in a dinghy with Ali G (thats how they had dressed him!) with no oars, paddling round the pond in pitch black late at night.... They wouldn't let us back onto dry land until we had found the oars and paddled round both the little islands!

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What a lovely place to live Helen!


Do be careful not to post anything which will pinpoint exactly where you live.....especially after posting interiors of your house :lol: We're alright - burglars will have to get past the alligators first :wink:


We are still based on this village


My daughter's house is to the left of this photo - but not visible.



We go to Church a couple of miles away,in Alderminster, where we used to live..... Carl and I were married here, as was my daughter, and we were all baptised here.


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Helen that is such a lovely place to live. You are very lucky


Where we live is so suburban it is untrue


Rows of 1930's houses all very similar


We do have a very good pub that serves very nice food though :wink:

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It's a beautiful town with lots of lovely Georgian stone buildings. It was a coaching town as we're on the old Great North Road (now the A1). If you've heard of the Burghley Horse Trials, they take place here at Burghley House which is one of our favourite places to go walking on a Sunday morning. We got married in this lovely church - All Saints Church.

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What a coincidence :D . It is a quite a big church and has a lovely prominent position in the centre of a little square in town. Everyone can see you as you emerge after getting married. The boys used to have their Christmas carol service there when they were at primary school and it's a very atmospheric church.

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Here is Sheffield


1. The beautiful Ecclesall Woods, close by my house.




2. Ecclesall Parish Church....a local landmark.




3. Meadowhell




4. Lyceum Theatre. Saw Hobson's Choice here recently.




5. Millennium Square. Starkly beautiful. You either love it or hate it. I love it.




6.The Peace Gardens.




7. Cathedral




8. Winter Gardens.




9. Peace Gardens Fountain.




10. Canal Basin




11. The infamous Park Hill Flats. Documentaries galore have been made about them. They are a Grade 2 listed building. :? It was in front of these that my friend and I found ourselves surrounded by armed police as they arrested a local baddie.




12. The famous Tinsley Towers. When you see these from the M1 you know you are nearly home.




13. Nearby Ladybower Reservoir.




14. Nearby Stannage Edge.



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