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Advice please on Cleaning out chickens during bird flu

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Hi- I was hoping for some advice from other small scale chicken keepers how they manage cleaning them out, without being able to let them out of the run / coop? 
I have two old rescue girls. They love free ranging and spend the whole time trying to sneak past me / flying at me to get out while I’m cleaning. I have an Eglu Up with run. So when leaning in to clean the coop is tricky plus I don’t want the disinfectant etc to drop onto them- but no way of blocking them. 
I don’t have another under cover structure in the garden. 
Does anyone else have similar and if so any tips/ what do you do? 
Are there any exemptions allowed for cleaning? obviously with them being inside all the time more important than ever to clean it out. And these two girls in particular don’t leave me alone while I’m trying to do it! (Previous years have had slightly more chilled combination where will stay out of way) 

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Can you shut the door to the Eglu Up and leave them in the run while you clean them out?

If you just wipe the base of the Up with your disinfectant on a cloth then you won't drip it on your girls.

Perhaps you could give them a time consuming treat so that they stay out of your way while you clean?

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