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BLowing in the wind

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Mum-in-law loves watching the wind as it hits my cochins and brahmas feathery bottoms. if you ask her though, she will tell you that she prefers the hybrids and chickens with bare legs.


I think that she's in denial.


Cochins and brahmas rule!



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I have ordered a mottled cochin and a cuckoo cochin for the spring. Can't wait to collect them. Next year when my lovely boy brahmas (you may remember that they had to be rehomed as we originally bought them as girls) get into the swing of this stud lark, I will be collecting one of their little daughters.


What could I call the child of either Posh Spice or baby Spice?



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The wind has been too much for them today and they have sheltered a lot in the eglu, each venturing out for food, treats & a nosy. They have all had a warm cuddle tonight before I tucked them up in bed! They have xtra bedding in their houses tonight too!


Brrrrrr - they should sell chicken jim jams!!!! :D



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