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Mel (& Paul)

job interview

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Having read your valentine's day poem to GRD just imagine everyone is him. Then to distract yourself have a speech written for each slide and you can read that. Just make sure none of the interviewers is colourblind. I say this because my sister had to do a presentation and someone was-being a colourful person it was in bright colours.


He could only cope with greyscale-OOOOPPS!



I suppose this is a new slant on imagining everyone is naked........I hope GRD keeps his super pants on :shock:

Good idea about the colours!

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I didnt get the job :(

A chap from the Bristol office got it -and apparently I was a very close second. Andy, the chap who got the job is lovely and I am sure he will make a brilliant manager.

I am meeting with the director tomorrow to find out where I was pipped at the post so I can learn for the future.

I am taking this week to "calm down" and will then start thinking about the future.

I do feel totally rejected (no one loves me :( ) but I do know that these things are meant to me and whilst it may not be my time now, it will be eventually - whether it is 6 months, a year or 5 years.

We have decided to take our house off the market. We have had two offers but cannot find anything within commuting distance to my job that is within our price range. So we are going to count our blessings and decide what to do later.

Thanks to all you guys who were so supportive!



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Hey there you, you are officially GREAT! Never let those dark thoughts creep in and take hold. Lick your wounds sit and reflect and then 'up you get' :wink:


Nice quotes


When nothing is sure everything is possible


Success is not measured in heights attained but obstacles overcome


Just typing this out for a client tonight and it fits the bill. On the quiet Mel always thought i was a failure and then one day I stopped listening to that negative voice and found a very quiet one that said you're great and you can do anything you put your mind to. Still working on making things happen! You will too! :D





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Sorry about the job, Mel. It must feel quite disappointing right now, but I do agree with you that things happen for a reason. You must have impressed everyone if you were the very close second for such a high level job! 8)


The right opportunity for you will come along at the right time, job-wise and house-wise.

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Oh, Mel, I'm sorry about the disappointment for you after all that work, but it obviously just wasn't meant to be. As the others have all said there's obviously going to be a much better opportunity for you just around the corner.

Definitely their loss and our gain 8)

Keep smiling :D

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:D:D:D:D:D Doing my best

Of course its easy at the moment "working from home" :roll: I have done one report :roll: not so easy when my boss is saying that she thinks one of the reasons I might not have got the job was my technical ability :evil: despite asking her for training for the last 5 years :evil: and her being like a chocolate firegaurd in the usefullness department :evil:


Rant over


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