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Mel (& Paul)

job interview

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Hubby recently went for another job, but flunked the interview :( . Fortunately he's away on a course at the mo, so can lick his wounds in private. I'm actually over the moon that he didn't get it (but, shhhhh....... please don't tell him that, trying to play sympathetic, supportive wifey :wink: ). It was an amazing opportunity, would've had the potential to be a great career development etc, etc, but it was a 6-12m contract in France!!!!!!! Our children are both too far established in their education now (years 8 & 9) that I think moving to another country, education system and so on would have been severely detrimental to their education, so we wouldn't have gone. And I really didn't want to be a single parent for a year :oops:


I'm convinced that what will be, will be and everything happens for a reason. The right opportunity is out there for you somewhere Mel.... hang on in there and it'll turn up soon enough :wink:

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So sorry you didn't get the job Mel.....................But hey more time on the forum now what would we do without your daily postings you always cheer us up..................Lets hope another even better opportunity turns up soon, chin up chuck we love you........... :lol::lol:

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Thanks Guys

Yup, fate, God, gods whatever I am a strong believer - although you do also have to play a part.

I did feel very low on Monday night but am feeling much better about it now and am sure the right thing is out there for me.

In the meantime I shall concentrate on my eglu bum modeling career 8):wink:

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I didnt get the job :(

A chap from the Bristol office got it -and apparently I was a very close second. Andy, the chap who got the job is lovely and I am sure he will make a brilliant manager.

I am meeting with the director tomorrow to find out where I was pipped at the post so I can learn for the future.

I am taking this week to "calm down" and will then start thinking about the future.

I do feel totally rejected (no one loves me :( ) but I do know that these things are meant to me and whilst it may not be my time now, it will be eventually - whether it is 6 months, a year or 5 years.

We have decided to take our house off the market. We have had two offers but cannot find anything within commuting distance to my job that is within our price range. So we are going to count our blessings and decide what to do later.

Thanks to all you guys who were so supportive!



You sound like you're coping better than I would. I would be :cry::cry::cry::x:evil::twisted: and convinced Andy was :twisted:


Still it's only one job, and I wish you good luck in whatever you end up doing next. :D

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At the moment I am mostly doing the forum :roll::wink:


Andy is a lovely guy and I do wish him well (and he keeps chickens so he must be a fab chap!)


I am getting involved with some trainining for digital dictation and lap top use (I KNOW :shock::shock::shock::shock: me with anything technical :roll: - but I look at it on the basis that if I can do it anyone can :wink: ) and I am very much more taking control - so therefore telling my boss what I am doing rather than asking her permission!

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Its Friday afternoon!! :D:D:D

I have cooked lancashire hot pot, lamb with beans, lasagne, curry, chilli, chicken dauphonoise and pigeon casserole - most to go in the freezer for my "ready meals"

I have spent the day with the dogs and the chooks

I have e-mailed some ideas about work to my boss and copied in her boss so she cant steal the ideas and pretend they are hers :roll:

Only another hour or so and I can pretend to stop working :D

Lets get that white wine chilling :D8)

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You will go far and probably leap frog over Andy. Glad you are positive - the only way to be, and now that you are taking control i.e. manager, ideas etc.


Maybe that was all that was missing, and you have for the 'hunger' for it now, so something will soon come up.


Just you wait and see.


Sorry you couldn't make lunch, I laid a place just in case - but ate all yours - so there! :wink:

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Thanks Dan

I am certainly taking my time and thinking about what I really want (apart from a large gin and tonic and bar of green and blacks at this precise moment) and I think you have a really good point there - afterall it is easy to stay with the same company "better the devil you know" and all that but I am thinking strongly about the future......mmmmmmmmmm....chocolate :shock::wink:

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