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Mel (& Paul)

job interview

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I have finally been given a date for the Area Liability Manager - Monday 27th February at 3pm - so lots of positive thoughts then please!!

I also have to do a 15 minute presentation on

"How we will ensure we deliver exemplary customer service".

(who said Insurance was dull.........) so any bright ideas most welcome.

I am just off to panic quietly in the corner...........

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You'll be fine Mel, imagine you are talking about chickens and imagine all those listening are naked :D:lol::lol::lol:


Seriously I always get very nervous but I try to imagine i'm on stage and playing a part, hence Buffie is different to Jayne Therapist (still me though)


Go kick a** :wink:



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Good luck Mel :D


I love interviews because I am very passionate about my work and rarely get to discuss things :?


I think so long as you know your stuff you should be okay 8)


Mind you the interview I had in January I didn't get but I know that alot of the panel wanted me as I ran into one of them in the supermarket :lol:

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Lots and lots of luck...though I'll doubt you'll need it as it seems your confidence is increasing by reading this.


Having read your valentine's day poem to GRD just imagine everyone is him. Then to distract yourself have a speech written for each slide and you can read that. Just make sure none of the interviewers is colourblind. I say this because my sister had to do a presentation and someone was-being a colourful person it was in bright colours.


He could only cope with greyscale-OOOOPPS!

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