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Should I give them Oatibix?

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when you feed them things like oatibix and left over veg and other cereal do you place in a bowl or sprinkle in the run- sorry probably a very silly question?


I've got a 'treats bowl' which is a bright pink cat dish! I think it's better to keep it in one place so anything they don't like (!) can be disposed of rather than festering in the run.


They also get to know the 'treats bowl' and come running, which is helpful if you use it as a way to get them into the run.


Mine also think anything pink is their treats so they regularly eye up my gardening gloves, the clogs I use to go up the garden etc etc!



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Don't give them treats too early in the day so they have time to fill up on their pellets or mash which contain all the right nutrients.


Things I've given mine:

corn (dried - bought from a horsey shop), tinned sweetcorn (rinsed), raisins, dried mealworms, apples, corn on the cob, strawberry tops, brussel sprout peelings, porridge, cooked spud & carrot peelings ...


There are probably hundreds of other things.


This is a list of things NOT to give them that I found on a website when I was starting out:


raw potato or peelings (as mentioned)

cooked or raw meat

spicy or salty food

chocolate (as if :roll: )

avocado (poisonous to most animals - apparently)

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