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Quail or chicks?

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Hi everyone, as some of you know where thinking of getting three day old chicks in the spring, but then we thought about getting some quail (probably Italian or Japanese) :? They would only be pets, and if we got a male too, we could sell fertile eggs on ebay. We are really not sure what to do. We have the book "Keeping Quail" by Katie Thear on order and obviously no animal should be bought on a "whim" so a lot of research needs to be done methinks...


I know some of you keep quail, so what do you think?


Any help/opinions would be great.



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I hated quail, cute but a pain in the ****. Wouldn't eat the same food, kept escaping and no fun. Chicks were much nicer.


Sounds like our girls :lol: appart from the fun bit. None of them like the same treats, they don't eat their pellets, and they are always charging up the lawn with me running after them with a bag of spinich :roll::lol: And they are a pain in the **** :lol:.


But seriously, are quail really that bad? Maybe if we bought fertile eggs off ebay then they would be tamer? But then I would have to deal with any unwanted male, which I wouldn't like :(


Thank you for your help.



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