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I got an Eglu last Spring with the standard 2 metre run and keep two chickens in it. At present I leave for work whilst it is still dark and get home once the girls have gone to bed. Consequently they only get let out at weekends when I am around.


If I got a standard Cube would the girls have a little more room to stretch etc? Does anyone else only keep two chickens in a Cube?


How much space does one need to leave behind the Cube to comfortably pull out the droppings trays? What space would you recommend along the side of the Cube to comfortably access the egg port?


If I do get a Cube are there any expressions of interest in my green Eglu. I have a spare feeder, glug and roosting bars for it as well as the standard equipment that comes with an Eglu. I live in Middlesbrough.




Do you get the new style super glugs with the Cube as standard?

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I have 2 eglus and one has the standard run and one has the run and converter. I think the cube would have a loads more room in the actual cube itself for 2 chooks, the run is a lot higher than the standard eglu run - so there would be more height for your girls, also the chooks can go underneath the actual cube and sit. Im not sure if the square footage is the same in run size as the eglu one is long and thin and the cube one is short and higher!


Suppose the good thing is - if you got the cube - you could get more chooks :idea::lol:


You'd have no problem selling your eglu, either on here or ebay. :)

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The cube + standard run gives exactly the same running around space as the Eglu + standard run + convertor. But it takes up less room in your garden, as the sleeping quarters are upstairs.


In addition the cube gives much more scope to the hens because of its extra height: they jump up and down the ladder, and you can fit a proper perch in it if you want.


Something to watch out for, however, is that the cube + standard run is nearly as wide as it is long, which could be a problem in a narrow garden. So if you have a long thin area, you will have to stick with the Eglu plus convertor; but if you have a short wide area the cube would be ideal. (You need extra sideways space each side for opening eggport and door mechanism.)


My hens are in nearly all the time, and they are much happier with the cube than they were with the Eglu + two extensions. The extra head room seems to make them livelier: they jump a lot.

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Thanks for that info Gallina.


Do you have just two hens in your cube then? Is it the Cube and Standard run or do you have the 1m extension on it taking it to 3m?


If I bought the standard Cube I'm guessing that I can add extensions at a later date if I wish to? I just don't recall seeing the extensions in the online shop.

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Sorry, I didn't make it clear: I did buy one extension for my Cube run, which gives the hens an enormous amount of scope.


But do beware of the width: there is a handle that has to be pulled out at right-angles to open the door.


I like having the sleeping quarters off the ground too.

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You can buy the extensions in the shop.


I bought the cube, standard run and extension initially. Then I decided that I wanted to give my girls more room...I have cochins and brahmas...so I ordered another extension.


I love the cube....so much so that we are getting a second one in two weeks time. It is so much bigger than the eglu and the run is much better. The extra height is ideal for adding perches, hanging treats down from the top, etc. The eglu always seems so dark and dingy. If I can get my bantams to live with the bigger girls I would sell the eglu and just keep the two cubes.

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Who has the standard Eglu Cube (2m run) and how many chickens do you keep in their? And who keeps their chickens in a 2m cube most of the time because of work circumstances?

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We have six chooks in a Cube with a standard run and in my opinion the Cube is more than adequate as it would easily sleep ten, the run however is not big enough, and if we were to add an extension it would make it difficult to move although we only move it for cleaning anyhow.


Two chooks would be lost in a Cube but the run would be more than large enough.


I would be more inclined to build a walk in run and put your Eglu in it. If in the future you decide you need more chooks than three or four then flog your Eglu and replace it with a Cube minus the run.


You are only ten minutes away so if you want to see a Cube to get an idea of size etc drop me a PM, you are welcome to pop by and have a look.







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