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i-pod docking thing- recommendations please

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This is probably going to come across as a very ill informed posting 'cos I simply have no idea about these things at all :oops: . But hubby has an i-pod, got it as a Christmas present and loves the darned thing, drives me to distraction because he never hears me any more, his ears are continually plugged up and he's engrossed in whatever he's listening too :roll: .


Anyway, it gave me an idea :idea: . He's got a birthday in a couple of weeks, then less than a month after he's off on his one way flight down under and he's strictly limited on how much luggage he can take, so no music systems for him until I and all our furniture etc follow on in June :( But he does love listening to music and he'll miss being able to stick on his music system . So I thought I could get him a smallish docking thing for his i-pod that he can fit into his suitcase and that will blast the music into the room, if he ever wants to give his ears a break, and recharge the i-pod too. I've been looking around and there's a vast range of styles and prices etc, and I'm a bit bamboozled. I'm tone deaf :oops: , so don't appreciate sound quality really (if there's no audible crackles it's fine by me :roll: ) but hubby's a bit more selective.

Can anyone make any recommendations? I'm not too worried about price at the moment (although I doubt that I can afford the top end of the market) but is it really true that you get what you pay for.............or are you sometimes paying through the nose just for a name?


I'd be grateful for any suggestions :D

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I got an Ipod Nano 3G for Christmas from my brother and my mum got me some JBL Radial Micro speakers which are small and produce a good sound. I think they cost about £99. If money is no object I would go for Bose they have some lovely ones. Check out the Apple store for reviews. Hope this helps. :D

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I bought this for my son's birthday last year. It's a lot smaller than the picture looks - 12" wide x 5 1/2" high x 4" deep at its widest.




I think it's really good (but I'm not a music buff) and a bonus in my view is that you can plug any MP3 player into it (his ipod nano broke down irretrievably and ended up in the bin :evil: ) but his new Sony MP3 player works fine with it.


It doesn't take batteries so don't know if that's an issue if he's travelling?

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I have two docking stations one in the lounge and one in the dining room.


The one in the lounge is a JBL Creature - available in black, white, aluminium, red or blue. Mine is white - the black one reminded me of Darth Vaders helmet! :lol: The others werent available when i bought mine.

The sound quality is excellent and if you want it to be a 'feature' then this may be the one to go for.




The one in the dining room is a small JBL 'On Stage' docking station which the OH uses to play tunes on when he is playing guitar. The sound quality is good it has a remote control too.




I dont have a Bose dock however i have heard very good things about them.


Im sure your OH will be pleased which ever one you decide to go for :D

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Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll look at those properly when he's out tomorrow. I have been considering Bose, it's hugely expensive though :( . But I've been cashing in some of my savings schemes, trying to simplify my finances so that they're easier to manage, and I might be able to stretch to the cost of a Bose if I'm clever and follow it up with some serious economising (how many days a week do you think I can serve the children beans on toast for dinner without complaints :?:wink::lol::lol::lol: )..........if it really is that good.

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I've got an Intempo one that I asked Andy to buy me for my birthday. I have a Philips GoGear rather than an Ipod (and I love it) so I have to use to jack cable rather than the plug on but the sound from it is absolutely phenomenal. I had it blasting out while I was sorting out the conservatory yesterday - much better than headphones.


Intempo have a website with the range on http://www.intempo-digital.co.uk/


I have the IDS-05. We paid £45 for it on Amazon.

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