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A Bit Of Good News For A Change...

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Have just been to Sainsbury's to do weekly shop - usually it's ASDA but no more.


Anyway, I walked up the aisle where the free range chickens were supposed to be. Hunted everywhere but the shelves were empty. All they had left were the freedom birds. While I was perusing, 2 separate groups of people came up. The first asked the shelf stacker for free range and was told they had unusually sold out today. The customer questioned the welfare of the freedom bird and was told that although it was still barn reared it was a lot better than the standard chickens. She said she would prefer free range but as this was of higher standard would be ok on this occasion.


2nd couple to arrive looked at shelves, saw they were empty. Man said I'm not buying those freedom birds - they are still reared in barns and it's not good enough. It's (naughty word) barbaric.. They left without purchasing anything.


I smiled to myself whilst walking around the shop as all that happened in the space of 2 minutes so just imagine how many people have been down the meat aisle already today saying the same thing. Hoorah for Jamie & Hugh - it's obviously working :D


(edited for spelling :oops: )

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Thats great news isn't it!!!


The hot topic at work is HFW and Jaime, so I think more people have watched it than I first thought!!!


More and more people are asking me about keeping chickens too!!!


I received this email from a guy at work -

'I have to say I found the programmes very upsetting. I have, for some time now, made a point of only buying free range chickens and eggs. I knew, in principle, that battery production was cruel but had never actually seen what it was actually like until Hugh's programme. I also watched the food programme (what do you really eat - or something like that?) on BBC3 last night - and I feel now like I really don't want to buy ANY meat products from a supermarket again - but there are no butchers near me so actually quite difficult. But we are looking at placing orders directly with organic/free range producers for us and my parents and freezing it - rather than give money to tescos! What really shocked me was to hear that the farmers get approx 3p per chicken from the supermarkets - that is so disgusting..........

Anyway - I know I am preaching to the converted..............

Keep well and belated happy new year'!


Spread the word!!!

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My mother has decided to go veggie today on the back of these programmes :shock:

She's 70 and has eaten meat all her life, and even went so far as to offer me battery eggs for breakfast a couple of years ago and the took massive umbrage when I declined, which caused loads of friction between us for a very long time :roll: . Anyway, she'd videod the progs (Hugh and Jamie's) then rang me this evening to discuss them. Never mind that I'd been saying all of this to her for years, suddenly watching the TV programmes has stopped her eating meat. Not one for doing things by halves isn't my Mum :wink: .

She says she will still eat fish.............I restrained myself from talking about farmed salmon and depleting fish stocks :lol::lol::lol::lol: .

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:evil: Sadly, on Radio 5 this afternoon there was a news article claiming that the supermarkets' sales of cheap and free-range chicken had been at the same level as usual. In fact one supermarket (I can't remember which one) said it had sold more cheap chicken and less free-range than usual. I'm not sure what to make of that story!!!! :evil:


My OH has always delighted in buying the cheapest chicken he can, despite (or even in spite of!! :evil: ) all my explanations about welfare and food quality. He shocked me this week when he came home with a free-range chicken after watching HFW, so if it's changed his thinking I hope many more people will change their shopping habits.

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