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over easy

hi all just checkin

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I keep mine for up to 28 days from date of lay. I write the date laid in pencil on each egg. When I give them to friends I tell them to use them by 3 weeks to be extra sure.


You won't keep them that long though, my egg consumption has increased and I get so many requests for eggs that they get used within a week......

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They keep for ages - better unrefrigerated (I think). ou can test if they are good to eat by putting them in a bowl of water. If they sink they are good to eat, if they float then they are past there best. To be honest they always get eaten or given to friends long before they go off.


I'm sure someone else will be along with some more advice in a mo.

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Hi and welcome, :D


After about a week (or two) the eggs will be approaching the kind of freshness you would expect from ones bought from a supermarket :D


I would say you could keep them for about a month without any problems. I would recommend writing the laid date on them in pencil.


You can test an eggs freshness by submerging them in water if they sit horizontal, they are fresh, if they sit vertical they are off.


Having said this they taste so good they generally only last about three days!! :drool:


Hope this helps,



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A lady I used to work with was working at a farm last year and she said that when they collected the eggs they were stamped with a date exactly 28 days after the date they were laid.


We too write the date laid in pencil on top of the egg. The eggs then go, pointy end down' in Ethel who has a layer of Aubiose in her :)


You can always use the glass of water test to check if they are still fresh. Though I'd be surprised if they stay around that long!



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Hello and welcome.


Welsh sarah said:

i am very sad i can even tell which chicken laid which


It's not sad! (I can do this too and I have 3 hens). It's actually quite useful because if one goes off lay you know which one it is and can check they're not poorly. If I ever have any spare, I give them to friends with a little photo of the girls, each egg has the date and the layer's initials on it. People seem to like knowing who laid egg :)

(I also weigh mine too :oops: )

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Apparently, if you keep them pointy end down then the positioning of the air-sack in the broad end means that the eggs last slightly longer.


It also appears that there are several disadvantages to keeping them in the fridge:


- Condensation forms as the refrigerated eggs come back to room temperature. Apparently, there's a DEFRA consultation re EU regulations re eggs that says and Class A eggs cannot be stored at less than 5C.


- The action of continually opening the fridge door causes condensation and any bacteria on the shell can be drawn into the egg.


- Egg shells are porous so they can pick up smells from other things in the fridge


- Eggs cook better if they are at room temperature to start with


They need to be kept a cool, constant temperature - on a shelf in a pantry, in a cooler room, etc. Someone like a window sill isn't ideal as the temperature can vary depending on whether the sun's out or not :)


There's a thread with a bit more discussion here.



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The very fresh ones are difficult to peel if you are hard boiling them.Supermarket eggs are easy to peel if hardboiled, on the other hand, because they are positively ancient!


Thats interesting - I'd noticed they were difficult to peel, but assumed I'd done something wrong. It all makes sense now, thanks.


The web site mentioned above says

"From day nine onwards, fresh eggs must be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. "

Is DARK necessary ?



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