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Wish List for MK3

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It is a boring wet/snowy morning here in the peak district, so we decided we could have some fun. We Decided to make a wish list for the Mark 3 Eglu.


Ours is:

Size = 8 Chickens

2 Nest Boxes

Automatic Solar Door... detects light using LDR and then closes at dusk.

Small wheels at rear for ease of movement

darker green

themed easy peel stickers... eg, winter = snowflakes, spring = daffodils, wacky, polka dot, stars... etc.

Large foxproof attached run

CLEAR run cover

Omlet to supply blue egg layers and generally bigger range of chickens




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If it had squared off sides you could pack more together. Think that defeats the beautiful curvy design though.

Actually the tray should probably be secure as some foxes have pulled those out.

Gosh imagine if there were more than 2 types of chicken to choose from (I refer you to Mudo and the grub/glug) :shock:

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I seem to have heard a lot of these suggestions before somewhere :!::wink::wink:

The solar door should only open, not close. Otherwise some stop-out late-night chicken (like I have) might get locked out at night. Or even worse, half locked out :shock: But it would be so helpful to have a door that opened automatically.

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I would like a much bigger run. And Omlet to sell toys for chickens. I think that another thing I would like would be a sturdier poop tray catch, possibly one that locks like the door and eggport. I'm sure mine is now safe, but I will NEVER trust it :oops:


Two nest boxes would be good, possibly the ability to partition the run for isolating chooks also. I think Omlet should have no difficulty in getting blue egg layers. When I get my run extension and I've fattened up the Bantams to their full size I'm going to get one of thesenew hybrids, variously called the Fenton Blue, Columbine or Jasmine. Or I might get a sapphire from Good Life Poultry. I had a chat with the supplier, and they have an article in Practical Poultry next month and he reckons they'll have an explosion in sales, so hopefully this means they'll breed LOADS.

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Agree with everything you say. Johannes has pointed out to me that ideas are great the time to implement can be difficult. They just bring out something that's taken ages and we all want the next big thing :wink::D Toys would be good or things to occupy in the winter. A sunlamp for them might be nice eh! :wink:



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More than two types of chickens ? :(


Well there you go, they need to be bantams so people can get more per eglu. :!:


Even bantam , batams - so they could get even more in!


Or miniature bantams.


Sorry having a mad half hour - off to compose myself

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