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How do chickens like to sleep?

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I've just had a peek at my chickens in their eglu, and one is sitting on top of the other two! THey all seemed quite content, and I gave them all a stroke, but it took me by surprise...


is this usual chicken behaviour, or is the ruler of the roost taking liberties?!!


(ps- I got my first egg today!!- I wasn't expecting it at all as I've only had the chickens since last Wednesday) :D

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Well done that chook :clap: Hope you did the egg dance? :dance:


I've not had my girls long but I've seen this too - I think it is normal behaviour and they are just making sure they are all cuddled up together for warmth :D


I'm sure someone will be along soon to advise if it's anything to be worried about!

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Since we put our girls into their new big run on Sunday (with the 2 eglus) my lot have decided to split up into groups of 2. Ella (big ole chook) and my maran (skinny chook) go in the green eglu and maran sleeps in the nest box because Ella likes her space and likes to spread out (shes a dominant hen).


Other 2 fluffsters (cochins) sleep in the orange eglu nose to nose all snuggled up.


Awwwww. :)

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