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as per James Blunt, we shared a moment...

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just been to poo pick the coop, my favourite job when it's not horrible outside. It's dry at the moment, cold but not too cold and a bit breezy. I pulled up me chair next to the nest boxes, lifted the flap and proceeded to rake the aubiose towards me and pick out the poo. All the girls came in after a cple of minutes (luckily when I'd done the worst of it!) and started to kick over the aubiose. While they were doing it we had a little chat.


Then Maud started dust bathing in the feshly cleaned aubiose so I started chucking some on her back and she was loving it, rolling almost onto her back and making cute little purry noises.


A 10 minute job took about half an hour and I enjoyed every second of it! :D

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DH poo picks the coop every day, I only normally do it when he can't, if he's working etc


I love doing it when the weather is fair as I get to sit and chat with the girls. I think they enjoy it too, they come in to help anyway! ;)


Not so nice if it's raining and I'm getting soaked, I have to rush it then :(

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I just love my days off when i can spend some time with the girls,and as you say Poet, they do love a chat!!! :lol::lol: , im joined by at least two when im trying to clean the coop, Pugsley has to walk around the top edge and direct proceedings :roll::roll: and when the straw goes in it becomes a race as to which hen can scuff it all out the fastest :shock:

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