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"Helpful" chickens

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Yesterday, I was preparing part of the brick base for where my new permanent run will be. The girls were being very helpful, standing just where I needed to dig all the time. At one point Scully was actually stood on the spadeful of earth, scratching for worms. I swung the spade around, with her still on it and deposited her elsewhere. She just carried on scratching without even a feather out of place. What a great missed photo opportunity!


Another classic cartoon chicken moment - Scully and Treacle each had hold of one end of a worm and were pulling as hard as they could. Poor worm ended up about 2 feet long before succumbing to the inevitable. :sad:

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lovely story :-) My girls like to try and "help" me as well in the garden.


I spent ages yesterday raking up all the moss the girls had scratched up, I raked it all into a big pile in the centre of the lawn and went to fetch the wheelbarrow.


Trundled back round the corner to find Hedwig & Hermione happily sat on top of the moss pile scratching and kicking the moss back all over the garden - having the time of their lives!!! :-)

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We have a great game with our girls - they head off under the shrubs around the garden and kick all the fallen leaves onto the lawn, looking for bugs.


I go around with the lawn rake and put them back, in the hope of having a small patch of living grass left. The chickens follow me, clucking loudly, and return the leaves to their rightful spot on the grass.


Husband goes outside, does the same thing, and once again the chooks 'tidy up' after him.


Then we both give up, accept that grass is a thing of the past, and that the chickens have their own designs on the garden.


When we made our run base, we dug out a strip of turf to sink the edging into the groud. The girls inspected the strip , the channel it left, and every move we made for the entire afternoon, only stopping to pop into the eglu and lay. We love having pets that take an interest in us!

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