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Phoebe and the builders

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I just thought I'd share another funny Phoebe tale. Our next door neighbours have had builders doing a patio for the last 2 wks - Phoebe loves humans (I think she thinks she is one :D ), and she can see them going backwards and forwards and through tiny gaps in the fence. So for the last week it has been her mission to get to them - she has tried bouncing over the fence (not very successful with clipped wings and an 8ft fence), commando crawling under our decking to search for a hole, digging under the fence etc etc, on Friday she was banned from the back gate area of the garden, so she took to tip toeing (seriously) over there when I wasn't looking! Anyway on Saturday she disappeared :shock: I hunted everywhere, called and called and she wouldn't come, then I heard some laughter next door, so I go round the side to find her sitting in the builders wheelbarrow, pleased as anything, clucking away to this group of men :lol: She then quite happily let this 'stranger' carry her back to our garden!! She has a bit of a telling off, and is now on a very tight leash. Naughty hen!

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