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Dustbath: play sand and....?

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Hello again


Well, we're collecting my girls on 26th Feb, the run is almost built, we're fitting new garden gates as I type, and I'm getting into the nitty gritty of the last few arrangements.


I've bought a large shallow tub trug for the girls to use as a dustbath. I was going to partially fill it with play sand, and I wondered what you use? Do you use playsand on its own? Or do you mix it with something.


Any information gratefully received, and thank you for your patience as I'm sure you've all answered the same questions several times over!


Hazel xx

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I use wood and coal ash from our fire. I read somewhere that ash used for dustbathing acts as a natural deterrent to lice and mites. As does dried tobacco leaves :?


I tried sand and compost but they weren't interested. As soon as I put down the wood ash, they were in there like a shot. I keep bags of it in the shed and as soon as i empty one into the dust bath, it causes a rugby scrum to see who can get in first :lol:

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we're fitting new garden gates as I type


Wow! You are multi-talented aren't you? Apologies. I couldn't resist. :wink:


I agree that the girls seem to prefer creating their own craters in the garden rather than using the dustbath I provided. I don't think I ever saw them use it once. The big flower pot that I used now has plants in it and is sitting on my patio!

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I've tried compost but they ignore it. I tried a new one recently as I'd not seen then dustbathe for a while and they decided they would dustbathe...in the run in the aubiose. :roll:

They have a crater in the ground they've dug, and use if the weather is nice.


What do you do with sand afterwards? I got compost as it would go on the garden.

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Mine have got playsand, aubiose and a sprinkling of Diatom in a cat litter tray. The playsand is initially quite wet straight from the bag so the aubiose helps dry it out.


That said, they're only really interested in it for the first day or two before all the muck from the run gets kicked into it!



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