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need ideas on set up etc

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right ive spoken to hubby hes given me the ok to have chickens . so hes agreed to me getting the eglu maybe, but he want to build the run thinking of the walk in one. so he gonna get that sorted this weekend. what flooring is best for them? can i do flags then grass, or flags which will be so far under the eglu and bit out like a patio. what do we put in the rest of the run?, dont want mud all over can we use flags all the way through? and be able to clean down with hosepipe? the chickens would have the run of garden whilst hose piping down. what about dust baths

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Phew! Glad you provided that second translation for us oldsters Debbie - I thought my eyes had gone funny :lol:


Sorry, you'll have to wait for us to catch up.:oops:


Having flags throughout is definitely easier to clean and disinfect, mine are on bare earth with Aubiose on top - they really love the abundance of worms that get produced. I just rake it all out every 6 weeks or so, sprinkle with garden lime and put more bedding down.


The choice is yours.

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Hi and welcome to the forum!


Again, I'm with the hemcore on top of soil brigade. But I have built my new run on a course of cemented-in bricks to deter Mr. Fox. The bricks were already there (formerly the border for a now non-existent lawn), so I took advantage of this. The girls love to dig and dustbathe.


I think it's down to personal choice really. :)

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