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Blue eggs - which bird?

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I've had an araucana and a legbar, and lovely though my legbar is, I preferred my araucana - next on chicken list is another one. :)


Why's that Aunty e? I have a legbar but always wanted an araucana..... :D


She was beautiful and had a brilliant personality - up for a cuddle, and so funny, would perch on my wrist and attack pigeons. Here is a picture of lovely Purdy and my old eglu (which I secretly miss :( ) Rather sadly, all the chooks in this picture are dead. Pretty Penny, Bob, Dolly and Purdy.



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I'm still trying to find a blye laying bantam so any ideas?


There's a bantam araucana, though I don't know where you'd get one. At least you're in the right part of the world for poultry - a lot of the ads I see online are for people based around Diss :)

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Bronze when I was at the hen house the other week picking up my black araucana he still had 2 blue bantam arucanas. If your Diss then he is just round the corner from you.


Sadly Diss is at the other end of the county and I don't drive. I don't think I can convince dh at the moment that its that important so he must drive me there.

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