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black rhodes or columbian blacktails??? any advice???

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Hi there,


Thank you everyone for your advice in all my other posts. I feel that I am ready to build my hen house & run now...



I spoke to the nearest breeders to me and all they have is hybrid black rhode islands or columbian blacktails...


which is better, i need 2 nice quiet hens that lays consistently, and dont make much noise (due to living in a terraced house) anyone know which breed to go for? or pros and cons of each breed?


Thanks for your help,



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As hybrids, I would assume that their temperament is similar to most other hybrids. Certainly the columbian blacktail is classed as docile and a good layer. It is also known as a calder ranger (I would think very similar to the gingernut ranger)



They are used by Waitrose as their free range egg producers



I presume the black rhode islands you mention are black rocks. They are a cross between the barred plymouth rock and the rhode island red. Ideal for free ranging, good layers of dark brown eggs and docile. Both hybrids are mentioned in these lists of docility:



Personally, I think they will both suit your requirements perfectly - up to you which combination you go for! :D

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thanks for the advice... i think I will go and look at them tomorrow and see which breed I like, if I like the look of both I will get one of each. I have no idea or colour or size or what they will look like at all (apart from they will look like a chicken lol)


Thanks for the advice,



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My Ginger Spice is basically a black rock under a different name. She is lovely...probably the most placid hen amongst my lot although she will stand up for herself if necessary. She lays virtually every day without any fuss or noise. She is also very tolerant when my son and his friends pick her up.

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