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umbrella thursday

OK so what shall I get

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Hello everybody from a newcomer

After much umming and ahhing, hubby and I have agreed to get an eglu and some bantams, which we will put on a permanent spot with hemcore at the end of our garden and let them free range in the day when I am there. We have a nearly two year old daughter. Any recommendations on what sort of bantams to get? We would like some eggs.


Also, how do I go about finding where to get them from? I've looked on the links here and there is nowhere particularly near us but I don't mind travelling. We are in Somerset.

Thanks for any advice you can give us.



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By the way, we got our new chickens from Nibley Farm in Yate, (Our first were Omlet girls and for friendliness and laying I'd go for them every time., Nibley Farm were very helpful but didn't have bantams.


If you want to visit our chickens at all, PM me.

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Hello Umbrella Thursday and welcome.


As already mentioned its definitely worth trying the PekinBantam website. I posted a wanted ad on there and within no time at all I got some responses which led me to a lovely lady locally to me who had a wonderful variety of bantam's for me to choose from. They also have lots of people selling bantam's on there too, who might be local to you.


Another idea is the Ad Trader, either by looking at whats on offer near you or by placing a wanted ad yourself for free.


Best of luck with your bantam hunting and don't forget to post an update and piccy when you get them :D

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