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Skating on thin ice!

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Wee Anna has been at the Edinburgh cousins and Gran dropped her off around 7. They have all been ice-skating today.....and Gran decided to have a 'go'. Gran mentions that she fell over but is fine - she then phones half an hour later and says her wrist is quite puffy and her forearm painful. So I go down, take one look at the puffy wrist and tell her it looks broken, and take her up to A&E.

The triage nurse asked her what happened and she said ' I slipped on some ice'......'yes' says me ' not ice on the path, it was a skating rink!' :lol: . The nurses all found it very amusing - unfortunately, after x-rays the break was confirmed :( ....hope I'm up for ice-skating at 75 :D

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super gran was scottish wasn't she? Must be something in the water ;) I broke my radial head a cple of years ago (had pins put in) so I know how painful it must be and at 75 it must be horrible :(


send her my love and I hope she heals quickly.



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what a trouper! Arent grannies great!


Sounds a bit like my nan - who at the grand old age of 94 still goes to bingo 3-4 nights a week, church dinners, babysitting her great grandchildren, and coach trips :shock: (she's out more than me :oops: )



Hope you mum's wrist heals up soon. :)

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Hope she's alright :D - fractures are not nice at any age :(


I remember when my nan almost broke her arm having a go at roller skating :roll:


My Mum likes to have a go at anything - she's only 60 though - but this morning I was watching her fall with style down the dry ski slope at Southampton (Charlie was having a lesson before she goes skiing with the school at halfterm and Mum thought she'd have a go aswell :roll::roll: )

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I came home late from work a month ago and picked up my emails (it was around 10pm). There was one from my Dad (who is 81 and emails a lot).


It started; Hello Richard, we've had a busy day today. Your Mum fell off her steps and has broken her arm.


Turns out Mum, who was 80 last December, was balencing with one foot on her steps and one foot on her kitchen worktops, getting something from the top of a cupboard. She fell off and broke her arm in three places.


At the hospital they had a good old tug and reduced two of the fractures under local, but had to get her back the next day for a GA to fix the third one. She is now all plastered up.


But it hasn't stopped her dashing about. I went up to see her and took the said steps away as they are lethal, and made murmerings about redoing her kitchen so that she could reach things. My suggestions were steadfastly ignored and she has bought some new steps - bigger and more robust, but steps just the same.


I don't know - I hope I'm as full of life at 80, but I really do wish she would calm down a bit. Poor old Dad gets worn out just trying to keep up with her!

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Your poor mum :( . Hope she is recovering well (and staying put at ground level :roll: .)


Parents in their 80s are a worry - my mum (83) almost got her finger chopped off by a car door last year :vom: and dad (87) had to get 15 stitches in his forehead last week after tripping up in the garden :roll: .


Sadly, my mum's not full of life, just keeps grumping and moaning and saying "never mind, I'll be dead by then ..." . Dad is very stoic and never complains about a thing, bless him.


What can you do :roll: .

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