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Crouching again!

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I need some advice really. Blanche one of my original Omlet chooks (pepperpot) is about 2 years old now - working out from when we got her. She hasn't layed since about October / November time. Today when we had her out free ranging, when I went to stroke her, she crouched so low - she looked like a pancake. Is this just in the hope that I am a cockerel or could she soon start laying again. Her comb has gone red again and is a better shape & more spikey than it ever was! She went through a bad moult after stopping laying. But now her plumage is beautiful again & she's a little round barrel.

Eggs soon again?



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My girls have always started crouching about a week or so before they start laying after the moult, or for the first lay. So she will probably lay in a week or so.


I love it when they crouch down as it makes them so much easier to pick up! And when their combs go really red as well, they look so good. :)

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