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Green Dog Biscuits!

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Buffie's dog Daisie sent this recipe to Jazz.........


Porridge Oats

Parsley - chopped

Brewers Yeast (I used a sachet of dried bakers yeast)

Garlic - crushed

Easy Green powder (from Dorwest Herbs) optional


Mix the oats with warm water to the consistency of wallpaper paste.

Add the other ingredients.

Leave for a few minutes.


Use half the mixture to make blobs on a baking sheet. (Chewy biscuits)


Add gluten free flour and some grated cheese to the remaining half until it is stiff enough to roll out - like a cookie dough. Roll out and cut into bars or shapes. (Crunchy Biscuits)


I used tiny blobs of the sloppy mix and all the tiny offcuts from the roll out dough to make training treats.


Bake at 180 C for 20 mins.


They are pale green - honest!


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Sounds lovely.

We also do a liver cake for our woggles


Pot of chicken livers

One egg (free range of course :wink: )

Chopped raw garlic (dogs love it!)



Put it all in a blender and mix it up (you need a strong stomach for the revolting pink mess it makes :vom: )


Put it into a lined swiss roll tin (or similar) and bake in a slow oven.


It comes out like flat bread - you then cut into little cubes and freeze it - taking a few cubes out at a time for treats / training.


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They look lovely (so the dogs tell me :wink: )


I'll have a go, and see if it makes them come back when called first time :D


Karen x


They don't work for Jazz :roll::evil:


Tessa - I only grated a little bit of cheese on the top of the ones I made and didn't mix any in. Jazz loves cheese but she doesn't get much of it.

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My old dog would do anything for cheese :roll:


Molly is the same :roll:, she's even got into the rather naughty habit of sitting in the kitchen when I'm grating or chopping some, just "hoping" that I'll drop some :lol:


Might try them with Molly, she's quite into Fish4Dogs Sea Jerky's at the mo, they're just fish skins cubed up together and dried into a crunchy treat, and she loves them....but they stink! :vom::lol: Thankfully they come in a resealable bag :wink:




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