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Rolo Rabbit

Will our run blow away?!?

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We're finally getting started on building our run - the coop should arrive within the next week or so and we've ordered our chickens! So we're making progress but it does feel very slow.


My latest question is about the run. We've decided to build it on paving slabs (wanted it to be on soil but finding a dead rat in the garden yesterday convinced us that we had no choice) and DH is concerned that in weather like we've had the past week or so, the wind is going to get under the roof and carry it off. Have any of you found this to be a problem and if so what have you done to sort it? The run will be mostly 4x2 timber and a corrugated plastic roof.



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Hi ya,

My walk in run is on slabs, it has a plastic roof and two sides are covered with clear plastic sheeting and it has not budged at all.

It's 11ft by 5 ft (I think-can't quite remember but it's something like that :roll: ) anyway, we have had some terrible wind (the weather-not personally :oops: ) and the cover has had to be re-stapled a couple of times but the run stands firm! :D


Hope that helps a little :)

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