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Tessa the Duchess

Another forum on chickenkeeping

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I hope "Ooops, word censored!"ody else has posted this. I have just been reading through a thread on the Moneysavingexpert forum. Some of these people have some pretty weird ideas about keeping chickens :roll: It is an unmoderated forum

so it gets a bit 'nasty' occasionaly. It is also a VERY long thread:roll:





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Pig farm Jamie had the brilliant idea of getting hundreds of ex battery chickens and keeping them for eggs, they didn't last long, he killed the lot.



That was what I was trying to say by luring you all to just take a look at this

thread :roll: Some of the misconceptions these people have about chickenkeeping is just weird. You should read the posts about ex batts :evil:

It is not a chickenkeeping forum, it's the moneysaving forum, but they just

all got talking about keeping chickens and saving money :?::?: Some brave soul did put them right about the costs involved with chickenkeeping.


Oh well if I can't tempt you to read it, goes off in a huff :D:D:wink:



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Just had a quick peek and read:


"Problem for us was that we also got a bantam cockerell (Henry), who could 'crow for England'. This did annoy one of the neighbours, who complained to the council. Someone came to visit us, but said that, as long as we kept the noise down, there was no problem in keeping chickens.

Needless to say, 'Henry' was painlessly 'dispatched'. "


Poor Henry!! My Henry is also a bantam cockerell who likes to stand on a tree stump in the garden and crow - but if anyone did complain I couldn't and wouldn't just 'off' him without a second thought!!! :-( The tone on that forum upsets me - I'm definately an omleteer!! :-)

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