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Guest Poet

Tesco, will you send a mail?

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just sent this to Tesco and I mean it, I will never shop there again after their latest disgusting ploy.


Not that I think the numptys that read the cust svc mails will give a damn but I'm sure they have to log complaints somewhere so I thought I'd fire something off.


I hope you guys will send a few lines too...


Sent: 07 February 2008 12:16

To: 'customer.services@tesco.co.uk'

Subject: £1.99 chicken


I would like you to pass on these comments to your management.


I used to shop with Tesco but there is absolutely no way I will ever shop with you again after your latest ploy to sell standard chicken for £1.99 a bird. You clearly don’t care about animal welfare at all so I will take my custom elsewhere. I hope many other customers will do the same. What you are doing is disgraceful.

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The suggestion was made that they may have done it to clear there stock as their is a lack of demand for horrible meat compared to before. If it is the case (I've seen the point mooted on several fora) then in a way I'm glad as I would hate those birds to be chucked and their lives to have been in vain

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The suggestion was made that they may have done it to clear there stock as their is a lack of demand for horrible meat compared to before. If it is the case (I've seen the point mooted on several fora) then in a way I'm glad as I would hate those birds to be chucked and their lives to have been in vain


if you read this article http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=512628&in_page_id=1770


it states Tesco are doing to help people on a budget, not to get rid of surplus stock...


"The chain responded that it was helping shoppers squeezed by mortgage worries, energy price rises and inflation."


anyway, they could have donated the chicken to various charities instead of flogging them off cheaply like this. It's disgusting.

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Me to, Poet. I've not shopped at Tesco for nearly 2 years now and absolutely refuse to step through their doors over their attitude towards cheap chicken when they could so easily be promoting free range instead. Our local Somerfield sell Free Range chicken portions and they are occasionally on special offer - when they are, we buy them because they are happy chickens. Why can't Tesco do the same and stop getting these cheap intensively raised chickens in.

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i sent them this:


Dear Customer Sevices,


I normally spend between £250 a week at Tesco, [£1,000 a month] on food, insurance and petrol from my Telford branch.


I am lucky to be able to buy all the *Finest Range and anything else i want. However , from this week i will NOT be buying anything from you, i will be swopping my Car Insurance, Home insurance,my sons clothes will be bought from other places and i will be shopping elsewere for food and petrol without question.


I strongly feel that you are taking the Chicken Out campaign started by chefs for a joke.


I saw last night , and in my Business paper this morning that you are now, selling Chickens for £1.99, not £2.50 but £1.99!!!!


I completely understand that people are on tight budgets etc with price rises everywhere, but as a business person myself i have not seen you make any effort to change the way that poultry is raised in this country.


Surely the business directors in your company must realise that by switching all chicken to free range , you will get it ALOT cheaper and still make a profit.


I don't understand why on earth you have now slapped the customers who care about animal welfare in the face by reducing the price of chicken further. It was discusting as it was at £2.50 and now its just pathetic. I wouldn't even like to imagine what you are paying the farmers for it, and infact don't even answer that - Tesco spokespeople always come out with alot of tosh , we all know isn't true.


I understand the Tesco managing director wants people to be able to buy everything possible from Tesco by the time he retires, but surely he is seeing things through rose-tinted glasses. You seem to be loosing an awful lot of customers, everyone i know, including single mothers on budgets seems to be going elsewhere.


Just one other thing, take a leaf out your own book, ''Every little helps'' , if you change your poultry to 100% free range , you will not only look good in the Media, but win alot of your customers [like myself] back.

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i just went on line to cancel my account with them, i used to use the delivery service but there was no option to cancel. I had to ring customer svcs to cancel and they didn't even ask me why so I said "don't you care why i'm leaving?" and then ensued a discussion about the £1.99 chicken. The cust svc chap said he had no idea about the £1.99 chicken and quite honestly I think I was wasting my breath but I've asked him to feed back the reason why I'm cancelling my account, for what it's worth :(

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I have sent them this.......



Dear Customer services.


I am writing just to let you know that after all the recent publicity regarding chicken welfare I am no longer using you for my weekly shop.

I must say I am outraged that you send a further slap in the face to your customers by lowering the price to £1.99.


This is totally shocking, how farmers can possibly be making any profit is beyond me.


I think that you have seriously underestimated peoples views on this subject. In refusing to give an inch to chicken welfare, you have seriously alienated a large group of your customers who do care about animal welfare issues and those who, quite frankly would rather not eat meat that has been raised in these conditions.


I understand fully that you have to cater for all budgets but I think that people will buy cheap chicken without encouragement and it would have been far more savvy to be actively encouraging customers to go free range, thus keeping all your middle income families who care about what their children eat.


In all I think you have been very foolish to not embrace the current trend open armed, and be doing all you can to raise awareness of these issues. On animal welfare you are behind the times.


Lynda Thorley


An ex. Tesco shopper.

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Keep it up, i think if you mention how stupid they've been Business wise, it will register in their cash obsessed brains.


I doubt though they'll ever go bankrupt but id sure like to see Waitrose overtake them.


Now if only waitrose could start a great Ad Campaign we'd be on a roll :)

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Well done Poet et al.


Here's my email (inspired by all of yours!)


  • Dear Sir/Madam
    I am writing to inform you that since all the recent publicity regarding chicken welfare I have not been using Tesco for my weekly shop.
    Furthermore, I am disgusted by your decision to lower the price of your standard chickens to £1.99. Charging £2.50 was unacceptable but £1.99 is just beyond belief. Farmers make so little profit from each bird there can only be two consequences of your actions - farmers going out of business or poorer conditions for these birds as farmers struggle to make their farms viable.
    The British public are slowly becoming informed about the welfare of the chickens they eat and I believe that there will be a increasing number of your customers who will refuse to buy your standard chickens or, as I have, will make the decision to shop elsewhere.
    Your argument that you have to cater for customers on a range of budgets is being used as an excuse not a reason. Even people on low budgets have the opportunity to make a choice about the food they buy. If you have a conscience about the welfare of the food you eat, you can choose to buy a better quality product in place of another product without spending more money.
    I trust you will pass my sentiments on to the appropriate department and I look forward to hearing in the press that Tesco have changed their stance on chicken welfare.
    Yours faithfully

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I have recived this e mail from tesco today.

Thank you for your email about our promotion on chickens.


I'd like to assure you that animal welfare is also extremely important to us.


We are pleased to announce that we've doubled our orders for premium chicken, which means there will be far more Free Range, Willow Farm, Finest and organic chicken available for shoppers. This will bring the proportion of higher welfare chicken Tesco sells up to around 30 per cent of total chicken sales, an increase of 70 per cent compared to this time last year.


Tesco Willow Farm Chicken also demonstrates we are serious about giving customers the opportunity to support higher welfare poultry production at prices that more people can afford. We will continue to offer a choice of chicken, whilst explaining clearly the welfare and environmental benefits of each product so that customers can make an informed choice.


Thank you for your comments and I do hope that we've gone some way to assuring you of our commitment to animal welfare.


If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us at customer.service@tesco.co.uk quoting TES4704874X.


Kind Regards



Lynne Ormsby

Tesco Customer Service


It still sounds a bit rubbish to me to be honest. 30 % of total chicken sales are higher welfare, what about the other poor 70%. In any case 'willow farm' chickens are still getting a rough deal. Not much better than standard broiler really. Its a bit of a con to make people think thay are buying someting better.

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they haven't bothered to respond to me but thanks to those of you that also sent mails, let's hope the message gets thru.


I saw something on TV the other night about Tesco trying to conquer the USA under the brand name "Fresh and Easy". Trying to woo the locals of whichever town they open in with donations to local charities! :evil:

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I got a reply too - identical to Missuscluck but with this paragraph added :? (presumably because I ranted about putting farmers out of business :oops: ).


  • Tesco has built strong long-term partnerships with suppliers at all levels. This partnership approach ensures that our customers have a reliable supply of goods and new and better produces through investment and innovation. We do not encourage practices that are unsustainable as these are bad for suppliers and are therefore bad for customers and for Tesco.

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