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Bought a Cube!

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Well, I've taken the plunge!


I'd been really keen for a while but my girlfriend was a bit nervous and not sure whether she'd like them but thanks to Pinkybijou who kindly let my girlfriend and I meet her chooks, she was hooked.


We spent Sunday clearing an area of the garden and laying down some paving slabs. Then first thing this morning, I rang Omlet and next Friday our purple cube is being delivered! :D:D:D


I've also spoken to the local breeder recommended to us and we're visiting him next Saturday to choose our chooks!


I cannot wait!!!!

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Hurrah - congratulations. I think you have made a very good choice with the colour of your cube (see below :lol: )


Have fun putting it together (allow longer than you think it will take!) and chosing your girls. Any ideas what you're going to get?


No idea what we're going to get. Any suggestions are always appreciated.


I got his information from Omlet and he's only about 10 miles away. He does it as a bit of hobby rather than a business as such. Pinkybijou had two lovely hens from him. So I'm really excited to see what he's got!

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