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Don't leave a drying eglu unattended!

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I so know what went on while I was away and the clean eglu was drying...... just from this picture. Abbie hopped onto the side of the eglu, then spun round, then hopped into the nest before flying off. You can see some marks where she scrabbled about on the side of the nest.

I'm just trying to understand the footprints in the middle, OH thinks she was dancing :lol:



Incidently I know it is Abbie as she always wanders into the eglu for a nosy when I am cleaning it . :roll:

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And check it over when you are finished and make comments? My Masala Hen does.......


After I have finished cleaning every hen goes in to inspect and comes out again.....


My Bossy does this, then calls the others to come and look, they all run from wherever they are and go inside, chattering away to each other. They also try out the clean nest box too :?:lol:

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