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Ms Tilytinkle

From one extreme to another .. .& thread :)

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( sorry just finding my way around, posted this in wrong area first )


Hello Dear fellow chookenthusiasts,


Hope you're all healthy & happy!


Mad moments, shifting through from having cold - freezing cold feet - thinking of cancelling the whole order & just forgetting about having chooks .. to I'm now back to normal . . well almost . . i've ordered 3 Mrs Pepperpots instead of only 2 & havent canelled order at all . .yippeeeee

Thinking well if I'm going to go for it, may as well go for it a little bit more plus have enough room in cube etc . . so may aswell get 3 chickens, which means we have one each NOT VERY DARING I KNOW BUT BUT - but hey I really am unsure how well & easy I'll adapt to looking after these feathered friends . SO JUST DIPPING MY BIG TOE IN FIRST


Ms Tilynormal (almost)


PS so back to making list of all things to get, all to do & all to prepare :)

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I cant imagine our lives without chickens now.


They constantly make us laugh and smile, after a bad day or if you're feeling low coming home and watching them in the garden is a great pick me up.


Lots of people suddenly find you interesting aswell, people are always asking us questions about our chooks.


You definitely wont regret it!! :D


Sit back and enjoy :wink:

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Hello Dear Omletinies


Thank you so much for encouragment, I'm a daft old hen :) yes i 'm slowly beginning to get excited again!! Just a wobbly moment!

Michelle . .how could you .. 6 . . SIX . .OOOH'ER .. tee hee sound good though!!! Hhmm what am i saying noooooo, oh noooo

actually i think 3 will be enough, meaning thats 3 lots of poop as opposed to 6 lots :shock:


Many Thanks & Abundant Blessings to All


Ms Tilycontrary

PPPPPP(cube green):)

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Its a much nicer number for a cube! :D


Like you we were only going to go for an eglu, changed it to a cube and 4 hens from Omlet - then went and looked at some chickens, ordered 5 to collect on the same day the cube was arriving and dropped the Omlet order to 2 chooks!


Haven't looked back since - 7 is no harder than 4 could be - just more eggs :D:D


Yes there is more chicken poo but nothing to stress about, and I do desperately need to get some netting to keep them off my well stocked flower area (there is at least one less ornamental poppy coming up this year :( ), but the pros far outweigh the cons :D



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Hi Ms Tilytinkle, I went through exactly the same dilema......until I made the decision like you. I now have a green eglu cube and my ex bats hens are to be collected on March 15th !!! I'm very excited now and am having fun thinking up names for my new girls. Every week I have 3 new names lol

All the best and look forward to hearing from you

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You could call one Tonks! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan!! I have named all my pets (3) HP names you could call one professor McGonagall or Molly as she is like a mother hen:wink:. I will try to think of some more. When I get some chickens, I think I will name one Miss Dickins (After me!) but I dunno how I would feel if Miss Dickins got eaten by a fox :shock::?

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:clap: Mrs Tilytinkle.


We had a bit of trouble when it came to names because I wanted paired names. 11 yo. son came up with Chain & Link, Bread & Butter, Toast & Jam, Poached & Fried. So funny that boy :roll: 4yo son wanted C1 & C2 'cos thats what his dad was calling them. I suggested naming them after the MIL's :angel:

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