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New Arrival

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We have rescued 2 Call Ducks tonight from our farmers Pippa & Lance.


They had them dumped on them by a old lady who was going into a care home. And they didnt want them as the drake was pecking all the chicken eggs.


We have named the chooks after our friends, pippa and lance :)


Just wondered if anyone had some basic info on them?

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Hi Laura,


I have 2 call ducks. There lovely and friendly (though like nibbling! but it tickles not hurts!)


Have you got a pond for them as they do like to swim? Ours free range (and tear up) the garden during the day and at night they are locked into an eglu run. 'The ducklu' is just an eglu with the roosting bars removed filled with straw. Mine eat the same pellets as the chickens do and like to snack on lettuce (they are much more picky about treats then the chooks!)


What other sort of info would you like? If theres anything else just ask (though i am hardly an expert!)



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Oh my goodness, they are the sweetest animals!


I prefer them to the chooks now. [althouhg on par with my Cockeral , hes fabulous]


They have a pond, well actually its a huge plastic shell that was seths, They have some little bricks as steps to get into it, and some big pebbles to help them get out.


I bought them some pellets last night. :)


The chickens were petrified of them this morning when we let them out. LOL


They are in with the chooks tonight as we have a huge huge huge wooden chook house [for 20 hens -lol] and theres only 3 hens , 2 bantams in it, and the ducks on the hay in the bottom.


I am totally in lurve with them. Its a couple aswell which makes it even cuter :)


So we are going to breed them as i bought Ross an incubator for Valentines[ an excuse really] and that way if we end up with Drakes it wont matter as they dont Doodle-do . :)



I LOVE indian runners, but we dont have enough space for those aswell. Its just ashame we dont have more room as id love a HUGE pond for them.

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