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Diatomaceous Earth...

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Dusting with diatom helps to get rid of lice. I sprinkle plenty in their dust bath and they usually dust themselves. Having said that we haven't had lice yet - I will also have to learn how to dust under wings then, but am hoping it will be like a good old talc dust after a bath! Vent is the chickens bottom - where eggs and poo come from! :D

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I've often forget the difference between the 2 things :? . Have a read of these, it might help (or might not :? ). (It says Diatom can be used on pets.)


Diatom (scroll down a bit)


Red Mite powder


I use both - Diatom dusted round the roosting bars and occasionally in their food. Red Mite powder in the nestbox )and under wings when I remember).

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Hmmm, just as i was feeling more comfortable . .yikes.. under wings, neck & vent

- in food .. .ooh dear , more reading - more research obviously needed .


Ms Tillydoesntknowenoughyet




we have the 100g bottle and it has a small hole in the top so you can squirt them with it while they are busy eating

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Oh dear . . .something tells me I am going to have to 'get over quite a lot of squeeeeamish challenges' - gently does it and bend . .and lift . .now puff or squirt . .ooh'er )!) puffing vents, squirting wings . .note well chosen pairings there :o


Thank you, will try to become enthusiastic ...


Ms Tilyquiveringattheverythought



PPPPPP(cube green):shock:

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