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Getting rid of static in a dress!!!

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I have just bought a Monsoon silk dress off ebay :D I saw the same one at Cheshire Oaks on Saturday,but it was in every size except mine :roll:


I won the bidding for the ebay one, which arrived this morning and when I tried it on it has quite alot of static :? It's a dry clean only (I don't usually touch dry clean with a barge pole :oops: )


I wondered if any of you wonderful people know how to get rid of it?


Karen x

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Apparently standing on tinfoil works *shrugs*


Dress sounds lovely Karen - will we be treated to a photo of you all 'tarted up'?


Are you calling me a tart? :lol::wink:


Good idea Tessa, I might try the tumble dry sheet :D


Don't really know what got into me :? I don't usually buy dresses, many things in silk, and usually it has to be bunged into the washing machine :roll:


Karen x

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Thank you for the suggestions :D


Have tried the sheets and spoon, and it feels better, not tried it on though :? will save the foil until tomorrow night, when all the girls I work with are coming over for a meal in aid of a collegue retiring.


What's the betting I spill something over it now :roll::lol:


Karen x


Ps my sister suggested spraying my legs with hairspray :? she swears it worked :D

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