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Jumbo Eggs

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Having been a little concerned that "Freda", our Gingernut Ranger had not produced an egg for several weeks, she's suddenly started laying the biggest eggs I've ever seen - around 85g. They wont even fit in the egg boxes! Her previous eggs were only a fraction of the size. Whether it's a coincidence or not, I'd just recently started on a new bag of layers mash - same brand, but I wonder if it's possible the old bag had gone a bit stale and they weren't getting all their necessary nutrients, hence the lack of eggs?


Just a thought.



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Hi Jeremy,


We had enormous eggs a couple of times from both girls after they'd missed a day and they were double yolkers. Were yours?


If it's the new feed that's done the trick, I'll have to give it a try!


Let us all know if the ostrich eggs continue, won't you, and we'll all be out buying new feed!

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Hi Kate


Thanks for your reply.

And yes, you were right - the eggs were double yokers! Today they were back to normal with both girls producing smaller 'normal' size eggs. But at least they're both firing now.


They did seem to start eating more when I started on the new feed bag and correspondingly made more manure the other end. So prehaps I'd kept the old feed stuff around too long as it takes a couple of months to get through. Food for thought?




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My chickens i don't know which one has been layingtwo huge eggs. The same thing happened, they didn't lay for months then a hnuge one came. I'm now adding a photo to the gallery of them. Take a look.


Ellie :)

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Sorry Chicken on a Mission. To appease you, it is quite cloudy here again now. At least it's dry and I'm no longer in danger of slipping over on the mud! It was terrible this morning!

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Hi - had my girls for six months now but only just got to grips with the forum. But I had to let you all know that one of my chooks (still not sure which lays the biggest eggs) last week laid the hugest egg ever - nearly 135g! Is this a record?? They normally lay 65g and 80g each.


We cracked the monster egg open today - not surprisingly a double yolker (although half expected to find a dinosaur chick inside!)

My eyes are still watering just think about it....

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Hi Linjo

Yes, please go and fill out the questionnaire. We're not nosey, just interested in our fellow man / woman kind :wink:

Wow!!! 135g egg - phew! Was she walking like John Wayne afterwards??


Correction, you're not nosey but I am :lol:


I have just been doing some pics of the girls and the eglu so I'm going to try to work out how to get them off my phone onto the computer and from the computer on to the forum.


If I'm not back soon you'll know that it has got the better of me and I am sulking :?

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Hi there - I have a feeling this forum could get very addictive...so I'll save the questionnaire for later!

We had the huge egg for lunch - made lovely scrambled egg and smoked salmon washed down with a glass of bubbles. It seemed a fitting end to such a whopper!


It was a weird shape so obviously didn't come out easily:shock: Haven't noticed either chicken walking strangely though (although I must admit I do at the thought of it..) :lol:

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