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El Jefe

Eglu on Order

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That's it! I've finally ordered brand spanking new red Eglu! :D:D:D


Delivery on the 14th April, however I'm on a two week course, so won't see it until the 16th (are they easy to assemble?)


Will have to wait until I'm back from my course for the chookies :(

Still deciding what to go for :? Just so many choices!



(chicken owner in waiting)

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The allen key has its own special storage place in the eglu which is why I couldn't find it at first so I rang the guys and they told me - I think I was the first self-assembly eglu. I think it is on the lower part of the eglu at the door end. I thought essex was in the omlet 'get the guys delivering it personally' area? Anyway, if not, I agree about ease of assembly - just do it on a flat surface!

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Thanks for the info - especially Jane re the Allen key hidey hole.


The Eglu is arriving on Thursday - I come home for the weekend from my course late Friday night, fingers crossed that someone is just too curious and will have built it for me!


Mind you, I'm pretty handy, and would imagine it is probably quite good fun putting it together.


I've also ordered the netting. As the garden is very big I'm just too scared that they will wander too far, the boundary is just too big to chicken proof - I have enough problems with keeping the dog out of my neighbours, without adding my chickens too :oops:


Thanks for everyone that posts on this forum, there is just so much information, and everyone is so friendly.



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