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New run. Phase one complete....

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I was speaking to a mate in the pub last night, and told him I was planning to build a bigger run for the chooks. He said It just so happens that his sister has a dog pen in the garden of the house she has just moved into and as she doesn't have a dog. So it is now on my drive waiting to become our new run! :D:D:D:D:D


So phase 1 began in earnest first thing this afternoon


Phase 1 = dismantle greenhouse. - complete

Phase 2 = relocate cube to what was the lawn

Phase 2 = build raised veggie bed on patio.

Phase 3 = dig foundations for greenhouse and new run.

Phase 4 = fill veggie bed with mud from phase 3

Phase 5 = prepare foundations, pour concrete

Phase 6 = rebuild greenhouse, well, bolt it down and put the glass back in.

Phase 7 = build new run

Phase 8 = build new fence to stop the little darlings plopping all over the patio :D

Phase 9 = you'll never guess :lol::lol::lol:

Phase 10 = build a bigger run! :roll::roll:


I am going to use the Cube run as an seperate introduction area/ sin bin.


The new run is going to be about 20ft x 6ft :D


I think that could comfortably hold about 12 hens :dance:


Or 26 based on 4.5 sq/ft per hen. :shock::shh: Cathy will want 26!


I can't remember where I read the 4.5 sq/ft per hen from but it seems a bit mean to me.


I think 12 would fit in the Cube Ok. Has anyone got that many in a Cube?



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Sounds great Kev! :D I've got 10 in the cube and keep checking to see if I could justify a couple more hens. Don't think I could though - it looks a bit cosy in there, even with Bella sleeping on the divide for the nest box :roll: But a couple of mine are quite well endowed, and none sleep in the nest box, so you might be able to squeeze a couple more in 8)

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I think our run is 4m x 3m. I have 8 hens in it and there is plenty of room. I think I would be (very :wink: ) happy with 12 hens in there.


When OH did the calculations, he discovered that according to the guidelines we could easily keep 150 hens in there! :shock: Yes! 150. I cannot believe it and could not imagine it. I was thinking that 16 might be too many. :shock:

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Seeing as you're a bloke Kev - you seem to have missed out a few phases.......


3a.............lean against shovel for a few days and admire progress


7a.............important footie match on tv





*runs for cover*



Only Joking............sounds like a Grand Design Project there - what lucky chooks


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Great stuff - can't wait to see the photos.


I have 10 bantams one of which is a Buff Orpington - reckon I could easily get another 10 in there as they all cuddle up in about a quarter of the space. :D

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