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Good Day

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I've had a stressy week as I've been offered a new job and then my current employers have offered me some things as a sweetener to stay (I know, I know, a nice problem to have). Well, I made a decision today to go with my heart not my head and feel like a huge weight is off my shoulders.


Feeling good, I decided to go out and jet wash the patio and sort out the garden. The eglu and run is now at the side of the house to give the grass a chance to recover, my raised beds have been dug over and I've put netting up to stop the girls chucking the dirt everywhere, and I've put down decking panels by the beds to lesson the swamp effect I get each year.


I also had a cuddle with the three chooks before they went to bed and my 6 year old son has just come up to me and given me a kiss and told me how much he likes me being around. That's just confirmed I've made the right choice job wise - no more 2 hour commute, no overseas travel and working 30 mins from home. Life is good :D

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Thanks. It was a bit of a stressy decision as it means a bit of a pay cut, but the fact I'll be home to put my children (6 and 3) to bed each evening is pretty invaluable. Before, I was lucky to be home before 9pm each night.


Of course, extra time with the chooks too can't be bad (oh, and my husband....!) :wink:

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